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 Youth Sports Registration Information

1. Leagues are open to both boys and girls. Teams are co-ed.
2. Individual players may sign-up and every effort will be made

     to place that child from their school or neighborhood.        

     Two or more friends wishing to play together must register at       

      the same time.
3. Church or school teams may enter as a complete or partial      

4. Groups of 6 or more wishing to play together must have a  

     coach or an assistant coach. (except soccer)
6. All participants will receive equal playing time.
7. All participants will receive an award at the end of the season.

8.  Sportsmanship is a must at all times.   We are here to have fun    

     and to learn.  Our referees are human and may not call or see    

     everything, please treat them with respect.

LCAA is an organized community program designed to serve the community.  LCAA programs are open to all participants regardless of race, creed, or religion.  The primary concern of LCAA is to offer programs and services that help develop the self-concept and esteem of each individual participant.

REFUND POLICYThere will be NO refunds.  If a player decides to withdraw before the 2nd practice, all  money paid will be applied to any LCAA youth program for one full year from date of  withdrawal.    
CHECK POLICY:  Checks are accepted.  They must include a driver's license number, a working phone number,  and a correct address.  Returned checks are handled by Instachek.
INSURANCE POLICY:  All participants are responsible for their own insurance coverage and participate at  their own risk.  A parent or guardian signature on each registration form is necessary in order for each player to be considered legal.


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